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Friday, 17 May 2013

WinWork Leadership Events

Part 2 of 2
Our first priority is to secure understanding of the leadership’s initiatives and objectives and the outcomes you need for the event to be successful. Through understanding your priorities, we can then work with you to distil these needs into a well-structured programme, leveraging your existing marketing initiatives to make certain that they are positioned as part of the solution.

It is our experience that these events are most effective when your senior people within the business take speaker roles and get actively involved in the event.  MarketingWorks can help you decide where people can be best deployed to support the programme. The event is then effectively run internally but facilitated by external advisors. It will be seen as having been crafted and developed in-house which will promote participation and commitment beyond the event itself.

Depending on your needs, MarketingWorks can help you to develop the programme and advise on supporting materials. For some clients we have taken the role of chairman for the entire event, managing all of the interfaces and the Q&A sessions. If it is more appropriate we can chair particular sessions within the event and undertake keynote speaker slots for win work.

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