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Monday, 13 May 2013

Revitalising Win Work Capability

Part  2 of 3

The next issues in revitalising is to find out if the opportunity pipeline is being proactively and effectively managed to minimise risk to the business? Is progress on both the order book and the opportunity pipeline monitored and measured month by month? Is it being reported – even to business unit boards? Do the reports add insight? Can you easily identify and quickly implement corrective actions when needed?

We all know that the construction industry is cyclical and periodically we have to cut back and maintain a short-term focus on order book and WIP. Looking at where work will come from in the medium and long-term can take a back seat. Many organisations have had to cut back or disband their BD and Marketing resource and budgets. This will have been necessary, but will not be sustainable for any length of time.

 As the economy improves, operational managers and directors will become too busy to focus on winning new work as well as delivery. At some point, organisations will need to rebuild their teams and their processes for developing new business. This presents an opportunity to reassemble the win-work machinery in a new way, to rethink the approach around efficient processes. And to ask, ‘What do we need from Business Development and Marketing in the future? What structure, what processes and which reporting metrics should be in place? Should we be centralised or decentralised? How best can information flow around the organisation?

1. Diagnostic Level: Win-Work Audit
2. Planning Level: development and delivery of the Revitalisation Programme for management teams to Implement
3. Implementation Level: hands on Implementation Support as required to help management teams or facilitate specific win work improvement programmes

MarketingWorks has a range of tactical tools to facilitate best-practice across all aspects of win-work and to refresh the skills of win work practitioners across the organisation
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