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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Case Study on Key Client Relationship Research

MWH, specialists in water and wastewater treatment and environmental engineering approached MarketingWorks to undertake key client research across their framework clients in the water industry.
When MWH approached MarketingWorks with a request to undertake key client research the aim was to:
  • Uncover the perceptions of their key water industry clients on future trends and issues
  • Provide valuable and actionable feedback to be used by key client teams to develop relationships in line with the current and future requirements of their clients
  • Discover  clients’ procurement drivers and motivations
MarketingWorks worked with the senior MWH team to refine the discussion guide and a schedule of over thirty face-to-face and fifteen telephone interviews was arranged and carried out by MarketingWorks, who then analysed the results and prepared an in-depth analysis of the feedback which was presented to the UK leadership and subsequently to the account teams.
“This study has provided first class feedback from our key clients and the extensive and insightful analysis by MarketingWorks, with their recommendations, has given us a powerful foundation on which we are building our plans for the future.”  - Director of Global Strategy, MWH Global, Inc

MarketingWorks has undertaken many similar research studies on behalf of clients and the findings have enabled them to revitalise their delivery teams and have provided a catalyst for behavioural improvements. We have delivered leadership events to launch these change initiatives and have made detailed recommendations that provide practical support to our clients in resourcing best practice, developing easily accessed guidance documentation and revitalised collateral.

The companies that have asked us to review their relationships with their clients and recommend new approaches and behaviours have subsequently reported improved KPI performance, a closer understanding with clients and, most significantly, the retention or renewal of contracts and frameworks that are of key strategic importance.
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