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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Winning Work

Part 1 of 7

If your concerned with the future prosperity of your firm, with winning more work in a competitive and tough economy, whilst saving money and by doing so more efficiently, then you might value our planned series of blogs to know how! 

Clearly, there exists a great deal of best practice information on what to do when you have won a project, but as I see very little written information on how to win the work in the first place, or how to retain a client for the long-term, I felt that this is a void where valuable win work insights through blogs could prove helpful.

MarketingWorks evolved from my own experience in construction management in the mid 80’s morphed into bid management. After undertaking an MBA in the early 90’s I realised that all the tried and tested tools and techniques other industries have used very successfully are totally applicable to the construction industry. Things have grown considerably since those early days and we now help many contractors and consultants refocus their business development activities in order to win more profitable work from their new and existing clients. 

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