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Monday, 4 March 2013

Winning Work

Part 6 of 7

Embed improved win work behaviours into tactical win work activities

To achieve this, it must become fundamental to your tactical and strategic plans, as winning work is far too important to be left solely to the marketing department. Therefore it depends upon the shared vision of the senior leadership and a willingness to engage all operational client facing staff to play a specific and aligned role in client relationship development. The critical organisational changes that are needed to deliver a client-focused service must be successfully communicated throughout the firm.  Every service industry, including construction, is reporting new behavioural models. The current favourite is knowledge sharing and collaboration platforms that facilitate improved internal communications. But it’s important not to get entangled in the jargon or the technology solutions. Basically leadership must ensure it is easy for teams to communicate within and across delivery teams and easy for the client to deal with their firm and also hard for them to leave. 
This means:
  • Having a clearly thought-through 12 month tactical BD plan encompassing new business development and key client management strategies and tactics
  • Offering a truly integrated client focused service with default feedback capture
  • Implementing IT solutions to effectively support (not to drive) behaviours such as collaboration platforms, hosting proposal/ PQQ content, key client management plans and BD Forums and communities. 
  • Having the right calibre of staff, fully trained, revitalised with refreshed aligned and integrated win work processes.
Ensuring regular communications designed to engage with client’s decision makers to encourage rapport and relationship building.

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