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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Why Key Client Research?

Client Managers and their delivery teams must understand how they can continually add value to their key client’s business, as well as delivering cost-effective solutions. Building sustainable relationships with your key client depends on knowing what the decision-makers really think, what is important to them now and what will be important in the future.

All too often these discussions are influenced by day-to-day issues and this affects the openness of the discussions. Industry clients have told us that it is easier to be open with a third party than with day-to-day contacts and our contractor and consultant clients have told us that their clients will often share insight that they may not share with the delivery team.

Do you feel that your clients share their thoughts on their relationship with your organisation?

Do they explore with you the opportunities and threats they see in their sector and their future plans? 

Do they explain how that will affect the demands that they may place on you in the future? 

Undertaking independent and structured key client relationship research can uncover insight with future perspective.

  • Understand what your key client values about your company
  • Uncover improvements that you can make in the way you manage your relationship with the client 
  • Gain insight into clients’ future procurement policies and intentions
  • Shift attention from price to added value and service
  • Ring fence your key clients from competitors

What happens to the feedback?
Is it collected into one place, analysed and activity plans developed to address the issues?

An effective way to get a team to own the feedback from their client and to use it to develop, own and implement a client action plan is through a facilitated, intense one-day key client management event.

MarketingWorks has two options for cost-effective solutions that provide insight for those people who are responsible for managing your organisation’s most important clients.

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