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Monday, 18 February 2013

Winning Work

Part 4 of 7

Building on existing foundations

Ideally a business-winning culture starts at the beginning with feedback on whether client expectations and relationships are being properly managed. How confident are you that you will play a part in their future? Do you know what your clients think, what they want, and more importantly how they see your relationship with them developing? Procurement philosophy is becoming more enlightened, but to exploit this change, we too must adapt to our clients and become more client-centric. 

Most firms start off with excellent core competences and services, which initially fulfil niche client requirements, but as they grow and develop new services and operate in new sectors, they can start to develop bad habits. One such act of heresy is to treat all clients in the same way. This often takes the shape of considering existing clients on a transactional sales level, with the client / supplier relationship being based simply on being given yet another piece of work. It is equally important to understand why you were awarded a job, as it is to learn from the mistakes when you fail to win one. 

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