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Friday, 11 September 2015

Improving work winning success rates

This summer was one of the busiest bid periods I can remember, but as always you can never really relax as we all constantly need to find ways of improving our work winning success rates.

If you desire to improve your own win rates and wish to review what the current, most effective and low cost options are, then consider talking to MarketingWorks as we really can increase the efficiency of your bid teams and fully understand how to quickly improve effective work winning behaviours, which deliver immediate results.

All our solutions are research-based and the findings from our 2014 Bid cost research have already been embedded into our win work improvement approaches. (If you missed the press coverage, you can read the headline findings as downloads here)

Whilst in all cases we would suggest a no obligation meeting you can select the approach that best addresses your situation. Here are some of the tools that we deliver to clients:

  1. Win work improvement programmes. If you want to take a cost effective approach that fully capitalises on the research findings, then we have embedded them into our award-winning programme, Facilitating Improvement of Work Winning Processes, Behaviours and Cultures. These programmes are tailored to your needs and are very cost effective to run. We have testimonials from clients who have participated in these programmes and have case studies (see downloads) that outline the approaches taken.
  2. Selectivity Tools. It is estimated that contractors and consultants within the UK construction industry spend over £2.5 billion on bidding every year. As the average cost of responding to a bid is £23k for consultants and £60k for contractors, identifying bids which have the highest or lowest chance of winning is a key factor if you want to win, as it allows limited resources to be focused on the “must win; can win” bids. MarketingWorks offers two approaches to developing bespoke easy-to-use bid selection tools that help contractors and consultants to quickly evaluate their bidding opportunities, enabling consistency and transparency in decision taking. By using MarketingWorks’ Selectivity and Reporting Tools contractors and consultants will be able to avoid waste by refocusing resources and effort on enhancing the quality of those bids where they have the highest chance of winning.
  3. Workshops.  You may wish to simply to run a workshop to address specific areas of weakness in your work winning. MarketingWorks offers a range of in-house workshops (see downloads) with hundreds of testimonials confirming success.
  4.  Bid Support and mentoring. If there is a specific area of work winning where improvements would benefit your ability to win, and the efficiency with which you win, then we have a range of Bid Team Support Services you can simply call off whatever you need. (Bid support or mentoring on a must win bid, for example.)
  5. Client research. We have helped clients to uncover invaluable feedback and insight into their most important clients, their needs and drivers. Clients have won or retained large frameworks by applying the insights gained through the MarketingWorks Client Relationship Surveys, as can be seen in the case studies downloads.
  6. Tools to manage strategically important clients. All organisations benefit from continuously developing more effective methodologies for managing the relationship with their strategically important or framework clients. We have helped many through our range of programmes (available as downloads) that implement the principles of Key Client Relationship Management in practical approaches.
You may wish to learn more from our 2014 industry research findings, to explore your objectives or concerns or to understand more about how our services have achieved dramatic impact on our clients’ business (one contractor won £700m of work within 18 months).

So whatever your priorities the best place to start would be to contact Philip Collard 07973 501599 for a chat or email

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