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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Revitalising WinWork Capability

Part 1 of 3

As part of its stewardship role, the board of any organisation is ultimately responsible for managing all the risks it faces. Organisational risk initiatives often give insufficient focus to managing the risks associated with the opportunity pipeline and of the activities that feed into the pipeline.

Is there visibility at board level of the opportunity pipeline that will fill the order book in coming months and years?

Does the current reporting provide the board with confidence and certainty that the win work activities feeding the opportunity pipeline are being effectively actioned?

For example, can you see month by month progress on the following?

• Must win opportunities
• Optimising workload from client frameworks within each individual business unit
• Managing key clients and cross selling to them
• Progress and success of specific strategies (i.e. sector development/ penetration)
• Formalised bid management and win rates by sectors/ clients/ business units

Our suggested approach is based on three levels: 

1. Diagnostic Level: Win-Work Audit
2. Planning Level: development and delivery of the Revitalisation Programme for management teams to Implement
3. Implementation Level: hands on Implementation Support as required to help management teams or facilitate specific win work improvement programmes

MarketingWorks has a range of tactical tools to facilitate best-practice across all aspects of win-work and to refresh the skills of win work practitioners across the organisation

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